LCBA Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser

Super Bowl Squares Sign Up is CLOSED

Thank you for your support!

We have collected over 800 Super Bowl Squares for our 2020 Season.

If you still need to provide payment or have a last minute Super Bowl Square you must contact Vince Frantz 216-272-8603 or Mike Ribar 216-970-5804.

Boards fo Super Bowl Squares will be emailed out to all participants Sunday afternoon prior to the game.

Super Bowl LIV is here and LCBA Teams are selling Super Bowl Squares. Each age group will sell 200 squares (or more) and give many fans and supporters a chance to win! Proceeds go to purchase extra Team Gear, Spirit Wear and cover Tournament Fees for the 2020 Season.

  • $20 Donation per Square ($10 goes towards the selling team and $10 goes towards the winners)
  • Goal is for Each Player to sell 8 Squares
  • If goal is met, each Team of 12 will have about $1000 for the 2020 Season!

Square sheets will be drawn randomly on Saturday February 1st at the Kenilworth Tavern, then emailed to participants before noon on Sunday February 2nd prior to the Big Game! Winners will be contacted and payouts will be sent starting Monday after the game.


  1. First Quarter Winner: $100
  2. Second Quarter Winner: $200
  3. Third Quarter Winner: $300
  4. Final Score Winner: $400