Lakewood Community Baseball Association (LCBA)

Our Mission

The Lakewood Community Baseball Association (LCBA) is dedicated to creating self-esteem through preparation, determination, focus, commitment and sportsmanship of youth ages 6-18 years old in Lakewood, Ohio, via the game of baseball. We foster an environment that gives players an opportunity to further develop skills, experience personal achievement in a team atmosphere, and practice good sportsmanship, and we promote positive parent participation in all aspects of the organization.

Furthermore, the LCBA strives to enlarge and advance the scope of amateur baseball by stimulating interest and offering a high level of competition and coaching. The LCBA is committed to providing a sound and experienced organization that will assist coaches and players in developing skills that will make them successful in their future careers and as citizens in their communities.

Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.

Ted Williams

The LCBA serves as a committee under the C.R.E.C. board providing guidance and oversight of all Lakewood baseball programming for the Lakewood Recreation Department. We are an affiliate under the Lakewood Foundation as our 501c3 fiscal agent.

LCBA Staff

Mike Ribar
LCBA Commissioner/Scheduler