Cooperstown Final Four Squares

LCBA Cooperstown Fundraiser March Madness Final Four Squares

6 opportunities to win

Final 4 (April 6th) Championship (April 9th)

$40 Donation per Square

Square sheets will be drawn on Friday, April 5th at the Kenilworth Tavern, then emailed to participants before noon on Saturday April 6th, prior to Final 4 games.

Make checks payable to "Lakewood Foundation / LCBA"


  1. Final Four Half (2 games) = $200 (10%) 
  2. Final Four Final (2 games) = $300 (15%) 
  3. Championship Half = $400 (20%) 
  4. Championship Final = $600 (30%)

**If board is not full, payout by percentage**

Remaining Donations go to LCBA Cooperstown Fund

Please return the attached form and donation to either your Coach or Coach Ribar as soon as received.

Make checks payable to "Lakewood Foundation / LCBA"

Deadline is by Wednesday, April 3rd, please.

Any questions, please contact Coach Ribar 216-970-5804 or

Download Squares Form